Graphic illustration of man sitting at desk while emails fly into and out of his inbox.

How Often Should I Send Email Marketing Campaigns? Part 1

Whether you’re sending e-newsletters, coupons and discount codes, or other updates and announcements about your company, keeping in touch with your list of email subscribers is important. But you also don’t want to be emailing so often that you’re overwhelming or annoying them. Finding the delicate balance can be difficult. So, if you’re trying to […]

Consistency of Brand

In this month’s article, we cover segmentation. When you want to segment your marketing, you might be tempted to have a bunch of different looks/feels carried out throughout your separate campaigns (one for each), and that is not a bad idea… but you need to have a common thread throughout everything that ties it to […]

Segmentation – What It Is and Why You Should Do It

Ask yourself these 4 questions: Do you have a business that is so complex that you can’t seem to summarize it when you’re talking to someone? Is your business so multifaceted that you can’t seem to provide any less than an advanced dissertation when someone asks you what your company does? Are you trying to […]