Happy New Year Hanging Baubles

7 Important Resolutions for 2011

Doing the same thing while expecting different results is the definition of insanity!  Therefore, we should resolve to do some things a little differently. Here are the things I suggest considering for your business: Step outside your comfort zone and explore new marketing possibilities that you may not have been willing to consider in 2010.  […]
Facebook page management heirarchy.

Facebook Profiles, Pages, Groups: Get it Right The First Time

To begin, let’s identify what tools you have, what they’re for, structure, limitations and how they’re used. To make it simple, let’s use a comparative view:   Personal Profiles Designed for people, you can accumulate friends (as you would in real life), up to 5,000 (who on Earth has more than that, anyway?), you can […]
Example of Foursquare rewards.

Learning Foursquare Plus 10 Things a Small Business Can Do to Benefit

Foursquare.  A social network?  A game?  Yes to both, and it’s gaining popularity, and fast. In this article, you’ll learn: What foursquare is, and a general overview Where to sign up for foursquare plus some goodies and insider links How to get your business on board with foursquare Links to other fantastic articles about foursquare […]