Mobile version of Facebook Places.

Facebook Places vs. Foursquare, Which to Choose

Okay, so your business has its own website, Facebook, and maybe Twitter. You’re all set… or are you?  Well, not quite. There is one new trend that is quickly rising within the social media field and it is what’s known as a “location-based service.” What is that exactly? Well, location-based services are applications for your […]
Example of Foursquare rewards.

Learning Foursquare Plus 10 Things a Small Business Can Do to Benefit

Foursquare.  A social network?  A game?  Yes to both, and it’s gaining popularity, and fast. In this article, you’ll learn: What foursquare is, and a general overview Where to sign up for foursquare plus some goodies and insider links How to get your business on board with foursquare Links to other fantastic articles about foursquare […]