LinkedIn Marketing

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LinkedIn Marketing

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LinkedIn marketing is a strong medium for business-to-business communications, and in some circumstances, can be used for business-to-consumer brands as well. Simply stated, it’s a powerful tool that connects business people to each other, to brands, ideas and thought leaders.  Your business can benefit in a multitude of ways, including establishing credibility, creating leads, creating conversation, driving web site traffic, creating referral partnerships, filling sales pipelines and so much more.

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Vision-LinkedInThere are many ways that you can use LinkedIn to help your business.  Here are a few examples:

  • A membership organization creates a group to connect members with the organization and each other, to share ideas, to nurture and support each other’s needs as they pertain to the mission of the organization and thus attracts new members
  • An insurance agency uses their brand page as a way to distribute information to followers and drive search engine traffic to their web site
  • A consulting firm uses LinkedIn search to boost their sales activities by searching for direct connections to the right people.  In tandem with properly assembled profiles, business pages and interest groups, they create a successful lead generation program.
  • A small to mid-sized company uses LinkedIn to attract top talent to their company, thereby growing their team with the talent they feel represents their brand

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Generally, B2B organizations will benefit the most, in terms of the general uses of LinkedIn.  However, there are some B2C applications as well.  Your individual plan for your business’s plan of LinkedIn marketing plan will vary and be unique to your business.

Is it right for you?  Contact us to find out the answer to that question.  We’d love to help you develop the right program to fit your objectives.

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Connect with us, and we’ll link you to your perfect market!

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