Organic Search Engine Optimization / Marketing (SEO)

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Organic Search Engine Optimization/Marketing (SEO)

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Vision-SEOOrganic search engine marketing, otherwise known as search engine optimization (SEO), or organic search engine marketing (SEM), is a collection of activities that focus on on several factors including (but not limited to):

  • keyword saturation
  • relevance
  • popularity
  • outbound links
  • inbound links
  • social scoring
  • geolocation
  • many other factors

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In order to rank high on any search engine, a well performing organic search engine optimization campaign will require consistent and hearty efforts in the areas above (and more).  In addition to that, the age, ease-of-use, quality, breadth, and depth of your website are very important contributing factors to your success.  When paired with a paid search engine advertising campaign, your organic search engine optimization / marketing should perform at optimum levels.  At Vision Advertising, we take organic search engine optimization and marketing programs quite seriously, and have seen some incredible results over the years in a variety of fields.

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Almost any type of business can benefit from organic search engine optimization.  If someone might search for what you’re selling, then you can gain something from a well managed organic search engine optimization program.  Here are a few real examples of success with organic search engine optimization:

  • A roofing contractor refocuses their web site, streamlines existing content, adds more content and pairs the online advertising with the organic search engine optimization, resulting in #1 ranking in their chosen geographies and keywords (like “ice dams”), resulting in greater lead generation and incoming job requests
  • An insurance agency wants to go after a new niche market of golf courses, so a section of the web site is refined to emphasize this target market, free content is created for distribution and landing pages are built around the new content, resulting in niche inquiries that match up with the goals of the business
  • A restaurant has a underutilized 400-capacity function room, and uses organic search engine optimization to attract special interest groups, clubs, special event coordinators and more to help increase function space bookings

Let us help you to define your potential with organic search engine optimization and create a program that will drive relevant traffic to your site.  Contact us for a free consultation!

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Want to be found on the online superhighway? Let us take the wheel!

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