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How to Configure GoDaddy Emails

Click on the article title to go directly to the article you need to configure GoDaddy Emails. If prompted to log in, simply click cancel. Outlook 2007 Outlook 2010 Outlook Express Android Apple Mail Blackberry Eudora iPhone Microsoft Outlook Mozilla Thunderbird Palm Pre Want to just log into your web mail?  https://login.secureserver.net  Any questions? Just […]

Order Holiday Cards in October – Trust Me.

Between picking out what you like, finding the money and placing the order, it can take only an hour. When that hour occurs though, that’s the hard part. You’re busy!! However, if you wait until past November 6th to place your order, you won’t be sending out your cards in time for your clients to […]
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Getting a domain? CRITICAL advice before you do!

True story: New client, Blue Bird Pizza. They’re in Worcester, and have been a fixture in the community for years. We started work with them this week, and will be building out their site, Facebook community and doing a great marketing campaign to bring in the revenues. In the business owner’s excitement for getting a […]

Four Ways to Use Twitter for Effective Brand Outreach

When you have only 140 characters to convey your brand message, you must strategize carefully and write forcefully and consistently. That advice which I recently posted on Twitter (‘Tweeted’), friends, is 134 characters. After you read this blog post, you’ll understand that when it comes to Twitter, the quotation attributed to Mark Twain, “I would […]