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Internships are the best way to gain experience and reach goals while meeting people who are in the same career field as you. How can someone achieve those goals and make important connections during an online internship? I’d like to share my experiences and thoughts while being a Social Media intern at Vision Advertising and why I’d recommend a remote internship if you can find an experience like mine.

Supported From Day One

Having communication throughout the day is key, just like a normal day in the office. During my internship, I used Skype and email to relay important messages to my coworkers. On my first day, I was given the opportunity to meet the team one on one to get to know each of them. I was very excited to learn each person’s position and to see how everyone’s work comes together to create a successful business. I felt reassured that I made the right decision to intern online after meeting everyone because of their kindness and offerings to help whenever needed.

My internship advisor, Catrina Gardner, was always available to help. She would introduce me to new tasks and be there until they were complete. If I had any questions about projects or clients, she would always give her input. She made the internship stress free by making everything foreseeable, which was perfect for me since it was my first time working in the business field.

Reasons I Decided On an Online Internship

With the many different benefits of interning online, here are a few reasons why you should push yourself out of your comfort zone and decide to do so too:

No Commute Times

Meeting online reduces travel time. I also had the opportunity to attend webinars and client meetings. I wouldn’t have had the chance to participate in these if I had an in-person internship because of my school schedule and travel! It’s great being able to log on and connect with people from different places in seconds.

Even More Skill Training

Many companies have decided to go fully online, so this is great practice to learn how to adapt to new resources and by picking up new online skills. Many organizations will use different resources to schedule work and projects, so being flexible with what you’re given is always a plus. It also teaches you independence since no one is watching over you, and you can decide what projects to work on.

A Larger Internship Selection

An online internship allows you to apply for internships across the country, and you may even find yourself applying for ones on the other side of the world! You are given more options but keep in mind time zone differences.

Would I Work Online Again?

One hundred percent. I believe being online allows anyone to achieve more than they would have been capable of if they were meeting in person because of the ample opportunities. Overall, I think interning from home was perfect for me, and it can be for you, too, if you capitalize on the pros of working online. If you’re interested in interning with Vision Advertising, make sure to check their Internship Page for an intern position for this upcoming summer or fall!

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About the author : Alex Geyer

Alex wears many hats, and not just because he’s bald. A writer by background, Alex writes “content” for Vision – anything from social media statuses to blogs to website copy and beyond. In addition, as Senior Brand Strategist, he builds and maintains all search engine advertising for Vision, manages multiple client projects, and herds many meetings. In his free time, he starts and stops writing novels, reads a copious amount of fiction, plays video games, and an enthusiastic chef at home. He’s trying to become a better plant daddy.

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