June COVID-19 Rundown: Lifted Restrictions Reveal Sunny Disposition

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If the current trajectory of COVID-19 data is any indication, this summer will be one for the ages. Businesses can finally breathe a long-awaited sigh of relief as Massachusetts announced a significant withdrawal of restrictions and the percentage of fully vaccinated residents tops the halfway mark. With the future looking a little brighter – and not just because summer’s right around the corner – let’s take a thorough look at the lifted COVID-19 restrictions in Massachusetts and how they impact your industry.

Majority of COVID-19 Restrictions Rescinded in Massachusetts

May 29th marked a significant milestone in the state’s fight against COVID-19, as Governor Baker approved the lifting of most of the remaining restrictions. This transition into Step 2 of Phase 4 had ushered in a wave of policy revisions, the most significant of which include:

  • Industry Bans Lifted: Effective on May 29th, the governor permitted the reopening of all remaining industries. Furthermore, all businesses are permitted to operate at 100% capacity, with no gathering limits.
  • Face Mask Revision: With the exception of industries housing vulnerable populations – such as transportation systems and healthcare centers – face masks are not required in businesses, during youth and amateur sporting events, nor in school or campground settings.
  • End of State of Emergency: On June 15th, the Baker–Polito Administration intends to end the State of Emergency, which will potentially end eviction protections, the reduced unemployment waiting period, restaurant relief, and more, according to NBC Boston.
  • Extension of Emergency Provisions: Governor Baker also filed a bill extending certain provisions related to open meeting law requirements, permits for expanded outdoor seating at restaurants, and billing protections for COVID-19 patients.

It’s important to bear in mind that at your private business establishments, it’s still your decision whether to require face masks on your premises. If your staff is not fully vaccinated, we encourage you to continue COVID-19 prevention protocols.

Mass Vaccination Sites Ramp Down

Massachusetts is the current national leader in vaccination distribution, and as such, Governor Baker has announced his intentions of closing down the state’s mass vaccination sites over the next several weeks, as 3.7 million residents are fully vaccinated and 4.3 million more received the first dose. This is an attempt to redirect vaccine efforts to communities in need. To spurn action in these communities, text message alerts will be sent to residents detailing the importance of getting vaccinated. To read a full list of the vaccination sites closing and the proposed dates, visit Mass.gov’s dedicated page.

End of Vaccine Preregistration System

On May 31st, the Baker-Polito Administration called an end to the Commonwealth’s vaccine preregistration system. Now that vaccines are readily available to the population, preregistration is no longer necessary. But fear not, the state’s COVID-19 Vaccine Finder will remain available, and it currently lists over 900 locations providing the vaccine. If you or your team has not been vaccinated yet, there’s still ample opportunity to do so.

With the lifted COVID-19 restrictions in Massachusetts relieving much of the stress from struggling businesses, business owners can finally return to focusing their attention solely on their operations. This means ramping up your marketing efforts now that your business can function at full capacity. At Vision Advertising, we’ve been helping our clients maintain success throughout the pandemic with our expert social media management and consultation. If you require assistance with your marketing efforts, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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