Business Bootcamp: Planting Seeds with Social Media

A hand holding a cellphone with social media apps listing on the screen. The man is standing in a store that is blurred out.Social media is another way to blend strategy and creativity to draw consumers, and as a business, it’s important to decode the disconnect between your brand and ordinary users. Fortunately, the answer to this problem can be discovered without needless guesswork. Treating social media as an asset allows you the opportunity to invest the resources required to solve the equation, “How do I execute a successful social media strategy?” In the latest of the Business Bootcamp series, our COO Julia Becker Collins demystifies social media engagement and reveals the keys to planting seeds with social media.

What You’ll Discover About Effective Social Media Strategies

If you’ve viewed this webinar’s predecessor, Making Social Media Work for You, you likely know how to lay the groundwork for your social media strategy. Now, it’s time to start looking at how you can turn your strategy into a lead generator. In this webinar, Julia Becker Collins unveils the tools at your disposal and the resources necessary to execute a successful social media marketing strategy. You can expect to learn about:

  • Achieving a maximum return on investment for your ideal client profile
  • Avoiding “spaghetti” marketing and guesswork when managing your social media
  • Treating your social media accounts as assets and investing proper resources to achieve results
  • Utilizing the three types of Facebook Campaigns: General Likes, Boost Post, and Advertising
  • Creating videos to benefit from their higher rates of engagement
  • Driving users to your website through social media

You’ll also learn the importance of engaging with every one of your audience’s posts and how to turn positive or negative comments into an insightful conversation.

Business Bootcamp: Spring into Social Media Strategy

Enjoy the video below or watch it on Facebook. We also have a growing catalog of informative webinars covering other topics on our Facebook Page, or you can build upon your social networking expertise by watching Social Media 101 and 201. If you have any questions or opinions, leave a comment – we love hearing from our audience!

Further Reading on Social Media Marketing Strategies

To find more information about social media branding, running ad campaigns, and drawing attention from your ideal client, check out our blogs. Here are a few posts you may find informative:

If you dedicate the appropriate amount of time and energy, you’ll discover the keys to planting seeds with social media. It’s important you understand your social media accounts are an asset to your company, and it’s your duty to treat them as such. Doing so will uncover an entirely new client pool for your brand. At Vision Advertising, we understand how intimidating it can be to take on a new asset – especially one as complex as social media – so we’re here to help with our expert social media management. If you require someone to lighten your marketing load, contact us today.

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