The Importance of a Winning Mission Statement

"Who are you?" typed onto a pblank page using a typewriterIt’s one thing to want to be the best in your field, but conveying your commitment to quality, integrity, and values in words is much more influential. That’s the role of your mission statement. It’s an opportunity to find consumers with shared values and communicate the fundamental purpose of your company. A well-crafted mission statement can supplement your marketing and unify your team. While it may seem like a simple explanation for the existence of your business, the importance of a winning mission statement cannot be understated.

What Is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement can be a sentence, paragraph, or page on your website dedicated to defining your business both in terms of your purpose and your goals – internal and external. It also acts as a tool for recruitment purposes for both your clients and team. When you express your values and beliefs, you’re more likely to attract a base that adopts these same principles. It’s an explanation of your reason for being more so than your product. Though, you shouldn’t confuse a mission statement with a vision statement, which focuses on where the company is going, not its current mission.

How to Write a Winning Mission Statement

Your mission statement can act as a combination of your internal communications and your public image, making it a complex feature of your company’s brand. However, implementing the right tools can help you visualize and execute the goals of your mission statement. Some key elements to focus on when writing your statement include:

Corporate Values

Your statement should portray the ethics and beliefs of your brand identity. Oftentimes, these values can include breaking down societal barriers or simply a desire to be the best company in their industry.

For example, at Vision Advertising, we openly embrace our status as a feminist company with a commitment to gender equality. Not only do we support these beliefs for the betterment of society, but publicizing our philosophies help attract like-minded team members and ideal clients.

Passion and Vision

Make your statement driven and centered around what your company wants to achieve. Focus on how you’re able to better your clients’ lives and why. If you’re selling athletic wear, ensure your clients know they can expect durability with your brand.

For instance, Vision Adverting is passionate about community. As such, we want to see our communities benefit from the presence of small businesses, which is why our goal is to help them flourish.

Company Culture

Your team’s satisfaction relies on maintaining company culture. To allay any staff concerns about your company’s principles, include them in your statement. It can serve as a banner for your team to rally under, especially if they share the company’s values. You can also use your mission statement to recognize the talents and contributions of your team.

Vision Advertising’s team members are granted a great deal of autonomy, making sure everyone’s ideas are considered. Also, we’re given unlimited time off, showing a level of trust among all members of the team.

Brand Consistency

Growing businesses run the risk of losing their focus and company culture over time. A mission statement can be an opportunity to set these ideals in stone so that you always have a bead on your brand’s identity.

Our agency’s commitment to transparency and honesty is carried through all levels of our operations, both internal and external.

What Kind of Values should be Portrayed in a Mission Statement?

You can be as detailed with your mission statement as you like, just as long as you’re prepared to defend your devotions in the face of adversity. This is your opportunity to highlight your company’s strengths and differences to achieve creative differentiation. Some unique traits you can call attention to include:

  • Women- or Minority-Owned Status: If you’re a woman- or minority-owned business, be sure to highlight your success despite the obstacles faced by underprivileged populations. It will show your resiliency as an owner and a company.
  • Positive Manufacturing: Do you support eco-friendly alternatives, encourage free trade, or use local, organic materials for your products? Ensure you customer knows that you’re supporting causes that resonate with them.
  • Consumer Appreciation: Promote your unrivaled customer service, explain what makes your patrons so unique, or if you give back to your customers or community, highlight it online.

There are many more examples you can include – such as how you treat your team or what goes into your hiring process. At Vision Advertising, we’re never shy about standing up for our beliefs and values, and you shouldn’t be either.

Crafting a winning mission statement gives those inside and outside your company an opportunity to see why they should associate with your brand. Seeing that your business is dedicated to bettering the lives of consumers and shares the value of its audience can reinforce their enthusiasm and retain loyal patrons. At Vision Advertising, we can ensure you have a mission statement that reflects your principles, and we can fortify your business’s standing in your industry by building an impressive website and running your social media. If you require help creating a unique, relatable brand, contact us today.

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