COVID-19 Weekly Roundup: Ninth Installment

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As the first step of Phase 3 of Massachusetts’ reopening process continues, the Baker-Polito Administration continues to allocate funds to support the economy. However, a slow upward trend is beginning to be noted in new COVID-19 cases, so the viability of Phase 3 has yet to be determined. Regardless, local governments are being granted funds to support the businesses and people of their communities. Read further to determine the changes that have recently occurred in Massachusetts’ COVID-19 response.

$20 Million Granted to Support Vital MA Social Services and Small Businesses

The governer’s office announced $19.6 million will be granted to municipalities for emergency use during the pandemic. These funds will be awarded to social services – including food pantries, homelessness prevention, and job training to in-demand workers – and local small businesses with five or less employees. These funds will be allocated to 36 municipalities and will be shared with surrounding towns. To see the grant awardees, read the press release.

Massachusetts New COVID-19 Travel Requirements

Travelers to Massachusetts have been ordered to self-quarantine for 14 days since March. However, whereas before there were no repercussions for violating this order, now there are fines for anyone found disobeying self-quarantine. Any traveler coming to Massachusetts – other than those deemed exempt or traveling from a low-risk state – are required to fill out a Massachusetts Travel Form, which states those who fail to comply with the 14-day quarantine must pay a fine of $500 for every day found in violation.

Underprivileged Community Support Ordinances

To support underprivileged citizens in the community, the Baker-Polito Administration is providing an extension of the pause on evictions and foreclosures and awarded $3 million in food security grants. Governor Baker signed a law preventing non-essential evictions and foreclosures until October 17, 2020 and barred the addition of late fees on accumulating payments. You can read the details of the revised housing law on’s dedicated page. Furthermore, the $3 million being offered for food security is in addition to the $36 million Food Security Infrastructure Grant Program.

While some of these ordinances of Massachusetts’ COVID-19 response may not directly affect your business, they may affect the members of your team, especially those requiring financial assistance. While funds are being dispersed to battle the economic impact of COVID-19, it’s important to realize that the slow uptick in COVID-19 cases – such as the summer destinations mentioned in our previous installment – can result in a rollback of Phase 3. To learn how best to prepare your business during these uncertain times, contact us at Vision Advertising for a consultation.

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