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Julia, our VP of Marketing and Operations, is the face of Vision Advertising. As a client, you’ll see her regularly through the onboarding process, with many having ongoing meetings to pick her brain –
consulting for specific marketing initiatives or general business management, both of which she has years of experience in. In this article, you’ll get to learn about Julia’s role in the company, how she got here, and hopefully a little bit of trivia you didn’t know about before.

The Vice President of Marketing & Operations

If Vision Advertising was a wheel, Julia would be the hub on which everything turns. She develops and implements the marketing plans of clients, manages the operations of all of Vision’s staff, and helps develop and grow the company. On any given day, she’s interfacing with clients, troubleshooting with staff, following up on inbound leads, and wearing a dozen other hats from HR to facilities manager. All this without mentioning the massive changes she’s made to how the company sells itself and communicates, both internally and externally.

Julia Becker Collins during networking event.Expert in Nonprofits and Networking

Chances are if you knew Julia before she started to work at Vision Advertising, it was from one of two places: her previous work with nonprofits – working with them directly and through the Boston Color Graphics marketing firm, or her tireless work as the president and co-founder of the MetroWest Women’s Network, a growing a community of more than 2,000 female business leaders.

Director of Marketing: Boston Nonprofits

Before she joined us at Vision, Julia worked for Boston Color Graphics, a Boston-area-based marketing agency that specialized in marketing for nonprofits. There she worked with many nonprofits in and around Boston, helping them with fundraising marketing solutions, capital and gifting campaigns, and communications and PR. Previously she also worked at two nonprofits: Temple Emanuel and the Hyde Square Task Force.

Founding President: Women’s Networking

Seeing a lack of women’s networks outside of Boston, Julia worked with co-founder Lysa Miller to create the MetroWest Women’s Network to fulfill that need for herself and hundreds of others in the MetroWest area. The Network is comprised of an active online community and monthly offline events that support local women-owned businesses and offers networking opportunities for women at all stages of their careers. Since starting at Vision, Julia has stepped down to the emeritus position of Founding President.

A Woman of Action: Spartan Races and Beyond

In the opinion of this humble blog writer, I’m pretty sure Julia could bench-press me and then snap my spin like it was made of balsa wood. She does Spartan Races, the kind of challenge race that other races don’t want to meet in a dark alley, among other unpleasant physical activities. What’s really inspiring is this isn’t a life-long pursuit, but one that’s fairly recent after she got sick (like here’s your frequent ER punch card and lose three organs sick). Upon making a recovery, she decided not only to get healthy but to make the active choice to get strong. She pursues this with the same passion she has for work and play.

Now, I could go on about Julia for a few more pages, but why don’t you check out what other people have said about her? Take a look at her interview with Boston Voyager or her Spartan article in the Worcester Telegram. Know that when you work with Vision Advertising, from consulting to full marketing plans, you’re in good hands with Julia and the rest of the team. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you bring your business’s marketing up to Julia’s level.

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