Top Reasons to Use a Small Agency for Your Internet Marketing

It’s 2017. You know you need to be doing more advertising and internet marketing, but you’re confused on the next step. Your business simply can’t keep up with the amount of internet marketing that your other small business owner competitors are doing in the digital space. As you’re drowning in the day to day duties of running a business, you’re wondering how these owners keep it up. Well… here’s the secret: they aren’t doing it themselves. They have either hired a specific employee to maintain their online presence or they have collaborated with an agency like ourselves, Vision Advertising. Hiring an in-house marketer take a lot of energy, work, and time. When you partner with an agency, you benefit from the following 5 factors being addressed:

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The Burden of Managing

Do you even have time to train a new employee? As the CEO or higher-up, your day to day is already packed with meetings and goals. If you hire an employee, will you or someone else within the company have the right amount of time to allocate to training them properly and thoroughly? On average, it takes 4-6 weeks, sometimes longer, to train an employee to an independent state for beginner roles, as long as 9-12 months for advanced roles.

Who will they report to? Is it you, or a member of your staff? It takes time to establish a management system, and this is something to consider upon making this choice.



How many hats can one employee really wear? There are many divisions of internet marketing. It may be difficult to establish your companies needs upon hiring an employee, and you may hire someone who does not have the expertise in the skills at your company. You would not want to stretch an employee too thin on five different skills, if they are only masters of two because they you will not be getting 100% on any of the work.

Upon hiring an agency, we will evaluate your marketing plan and execute it so that it fits all your needs. Agencies have teams of people dedicated to each department of internet marketing, and each team member has their own expertise so you don’t have to make sacrifices in quality.



Agencies have invested (both time and money) in the top software. This includes data management programs, reporting, and social media platforms. As a business, upon hiring a marketing employee, you yourself will need to invest in these types of resources also if you are aiming to reach the top results. Agencies have many clients which allows them to use the resources for others, which benefits you as well.

Agencies have also often worked hard to make valuable connections in the community. This is often overlooked when establishing an Agency to Business relationship, but can prove to be beneficial as a strategic partnership. An Agency to Business relationship is defined as the collaborative partnership that the firm builds with the client or business owner.



An agency can cater to your budget and what you are willing to put into your marketing program. When hiring an employee, you must consider salary over time, benefits, taxes, and materials needed for them to perform the job.  Typically, for less than the cost of a full time employee, you can get better results, faster and with a great degree of expertise at the helm.


At Vision Advertising, we strive to collaborate with our clients in a way that is unique. We look at both their past and present marketing needs, to develop what is best for them in the future. We offer a wide range of services from Web Development, SEO, Google AD Words, to Social Media and many more. To learn more about collaborating with our Marketing Specialist make sure to contact us.

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About the author : Veronica Van Jura