Top 10 Crazy Stock Photos: 2016 Edition

Here we are again, counting down the best stock photos this company can find. For those of you who don’t know, stock photos are wonderful when doing design work, and are a great when you find yourself in need of a good laugh.


Funny man eating his cereals in the bath

“Funny Man Eating his Cereals in the Bath”

Good God! That’s weird. Wait a minute…. That actually looks sort of delicious… and fun? At any rate, it was surely a fun shoot for the photographer, and now this guy has a really awesome Facebook profile photo.

men in police uniforms riding toy motorcycles

“Men in Police Uniforms Riding Toy Motorcycles”

Bad boys, bad boys, whattcha gonna do? The question we often ask ourselves when we stumble across awkward stock photos such as this is “Why?”. What is the purpose of this photo? Who decided that they needed to hire some models/actors, get a couple of toy motorcycles, set up a lighting rig and photograph this?  Who in their right mind stumbles across this photo and says, “YES! Perfect! That is EXACTLY what I needed!”  

Crab and wine


The title of this photograph expresses my feelings exactly. I have no words for this.
Dude, your “wine” looks like Kool-Aide. Either that or a melted crayon.


Bandwidth Boredom“Career Crisis”

If you brought your baby into JC Penney for a photoshoot, would this be a possible photo option? The kid will probably be crying anyway, so you might as well get a good stock photo out of it.

Career Crisis

But wait! There’s more!


A fit young girl glamorously poses in the studio holding a card for text insertion.


Can you imagine sitting down to a PowerPoint presentation and seeing this on the screen? No, that is not a dress that is a little too short, that is a sweater. Only a sweater and no pants. Again, when would you ever use a photo such as this?


Funny repairman.“Funny Repairman”

Funny is right… the longer you stare at it, the more hilarious it becomes. The fact of the matter is, the person who created this image did not know what they were doing on Photoshop. We give you props for trying though! Next time, maybe try Photoshopping something a little more realistic.


Young zombie surf with smart phone outside office

“Young Zombie Surf with Smart Phone Outside Office”

On the other hand, whoever Photoshopped this marvel, we thank you. This is genius.


plant-man accessing file cabinet“Plant-man Accessing File Cabinet”

Again, why? Under what circumstances would you find yourself needing this photograph? (Please, tell us. If you ever come across a legitimate need for this photo, please contact us.) It is also hard not to think about the logistics of this photoshoot. Who was in charge of hair and makeup? Who was the photographer? What were their thoughts? If you or someone you know photographed this picture, please let us know. We’d love to pick your brain about this one.


Baby Covered in Dough

“Baby Covered in Dough”

What? You’ve never put the words “Baby”, “Covered”, and “Dough” together into one sentence? …You’re not alone.


That’s it for now! If you are interested in seeing more hilarious stock photos, be sure to check out our blog (it’s also chock full of great marketing advice!).

And… one more for the road.


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