How to do Social Media for Your Business: Who to Hire

So you want to grow your business using social media marketing. Great!

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At this point, any business NOT on social media is missing out on a huge audience and potential customer base. And social media isn’t just for targeting young people anymore—in fact, brands on Facebook find that they get the most interaction from baby boomers.

So now that you’ve decided that social media should definitely be a part of your marketing plan, the next step is to decide how to implement it. This is where a lot of business owners get it wrong.

Many believe that just because their nephew is active on his own Facebook and Twitter pages (and his idea of active probably means posting cat videos) that he’s also going to be savvy in marketing your business online. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many people choose to do their social media internally because they have a body that can fog a mirror on staff, and believe that’s all that it takes. But there is so much more to creating unique and engaging content on a regular basis.

The tools may look easy from a functional perspective, but there is so much more to social media marketing that actually takes a lot of training. Strategy, dedication, and the ability to commit enough time to constantly updating and responding are the most important skills a social media marketer needs to have. So just because someone knows how to update a status or upload an Instagram photo it doesn’t mean that they should be spearheading your social media campaign.

One of the biggest reasons that many businesses end up ignoring their social media is because no one on staff has the time. For a social media campaign to work, it needs constant care and frequent updates (preferably multiple times a day.) Business owners are busy enough as it is, so adding on a task that they haven’t been trained in will only stretch them thinner. The same typically goes for other staff members. They have other jobs to do, and lack the time and training to do it right.

However, having a social media marketing company handle your social networking sites is far more than just a time saver. It’s a strategic investment into someone that will take the time to do it right, do it often, consistently, stay on top of trends, and most importantly, prioritize it and give the customers the attention that they deserve.

If you are interested in hiring someone to help with your business’s social media marketing, contact the experts at Vision Advertising today. We have many years’ experience in handling successful marketing campaign on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube, LinkedIn, and many more.

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