Vision Advertising & Client Highlighted on WCVB Channel 5’s Chronicle

In September 2010, Vision Advertising was approached to contribute to a story for (Boston) Channel 5’s Chronicle program about Facebook. Wanting to see a success story, we offered to highlight Scizzors, one of the earliest adopters of our Facebook programs. Beginning about 02:07 into the story through 04:00, Vision Advertising’s Laura Briere, along with Scizzors and its owner, John Palmieri are featured. The original episode ran in October and then again in April 2011.

During the shoot with Chronicle, John had a lot of wonderful things to say about what Vision Advertising has done for his business that unfortunately landed on the cutting room floor (bummer!!), so we went back and shot another video with him to capture his original sentiments. This time we got to be the editor and 100% self serving. HA! 😉 Thank you John for doing this with us and for the great followup video!

Screen Capture From Episode

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