Merry Christmas!

Christmas.  Hanukkah.   Bodhi Day.  Ramadan.   Kwanzaa.   Etc.

Whatever you celebrate, do you annually feel the need to stuff your joy into a little box and put it on the shelf so you can utter the requisite and innocuous  “Happy Holidays” verbally and in your holiday cards?  I feel the pull of political correctness too, and I rail against it.   I’m expected to suppress my joy, and not share my joy with others because someone might be offended?   No, I don’t think so.  😉

I refuse to get caught up in the hype of being PC.   By all means, please wish me a Happy Hanukkah because that’s what brings you joy.  I’ll be delighted to meditate with you to commemorate Buddha’s enlightenment.  Or whatever makes YOU happy.  🙂  I will never be offended by anyone sharing their joy with me, whether or not it fits within my belief system.

That being said, Happy Whatever You Celebrate!!  Oh, and…


Laurel wreathed sign that reads "Merry Christmas!"

PS, if you’re still feeling the need for a little political correctness, send out this card (click here)…

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