How to Sub-Contract Facebook Fan Page Marketing

It’s time to sub-contract when you’ve discovered that you’re out of your comfort zone, that it’s really a lot more specialized than you originally thought or you’re simply in way over your head and you really can’t do it yourself.  Read this entry to learn about Five Major Obstacles That Stand Between You and Profitability.

Facebook fan page.When you decide you’re interested in hiring someone to do it for you, be sure to get these questions answered satisfactorily:

  • Is the bulk of this company’s work focused on Facebook (specialized), or some other area?
    • The correct answer should be:  At least 75% focus on Facebook.  Without it, they are doing it as a side feature, and can’t offer you enough wisdom.
  • Can this company provide sufficient case studies to prove their efficacy?
    • The correct answer should be:  Yes, and they’ll show you or talk to you about them.
  • Will I have access to talk to some of their current clients about how the programs are working?
    • The correct answer should be:  Yes, and should happily turn over client names and phone numbers.  As an emerging marketing vehicle, it’s not a “known quantity” quite like advertising, and will be best hired by referral.
  • How many other companies are they doing the same thing for?
    • The correct answer should be:  You don’t want to be the only one or the first few.  You need to see sufficient evidence of what they’ve been doing, for how long, and for whom.  A good measure would be at least 3 others, that way they can speak to the different programs and ups/downs/lessons of each.
  • Have there been any unsuccessful campaigns?  If so, will they openly talk about why they didn’t work?
    • The correct answer should be:  Yes, believe it or not.  If not, be suspicious.  Again, as this is an emerging marketing vehicle, there will be mistakes, ups/downs, and if they’re trying to present themselves as never having made a mistake, that is a huge red flag.  You need to trust the person you’ll be working with and see what they’ve had to say about what they’ve learned from the mistakes, and how they can apply that knowledge to your business.
  • Can this company provide sufficient evidence for you to hire them?
    • The correct answer should be:  Yes – you need to feel good about the person that’s going to be doing it for you, and what they’ll be promising you, and their ability to deliver what they said they’d deliver.

Make sure you go with your gut.  Hire someone based on what they can do, their track record and their comfort with talking about mistakes.  An honest, trustworthy person that is humble will be a much better ally and partner for you than a flashy sales person that promises you the world, and dazzles you with their personality but doesn’t back it up with hard facts and honesty.

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