Omnipresence Found in LogMeIn

LogMeIn LogoOK, so what do you do when you’re the owner of the company, the buck stops with you, you’re pretty much expected to be omnipresent – and you get sick?

Now, I don’t mean “I have the sniffles” kind of sick – I mean the kind where you feel like someone’s run you over with a dump truck and you can’t move much, let alone breathe.

I’ll tell you what you do – you make sure you have your laptop with you and use LogMeIn – familiar with it? If you’re not, here’s what Wikipedia says it is: LogMeIn is a suite of software services that provides remote access to computers over the Internet. The various product versions are designed for both end users and professional help desk personnel.

Its internet based, so I can access my office computer from virtually any other computer I find.

It works a lot like a VPN, where you can use your office computer from another computer.

It allows you to do whatever you need to do on your computer remotely – with only a minor sacrifice in image quality (see the image striping on the gradient?).

So when you’re in between bouts of feeling like the dump truck has backed up and run you over again and you have moments of lucidity, its a great way to stay caught up. The only thing that stinks more than being sick and missing work is going back to work after being sick with a huge pile of stuff waiting for you.

Try it out – LogMeIn is free!

PS – curious about my inspiration for this post? I feel like a dumptruck ran me over about 6 times, I can’t breathe (raging sinus infection), and am working from home when I can. Despite that, I’m NOT FALLING BEHIND.

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