Only got a few bucks and want to splurge on one big ad in an expensive magazine??? DON’T

(unless of course, it’s the right thing to do.)

Most often, it won’t be. So many folks make the mistake of saving up their money and then blowing their wad on one big fat ad. Then, they sit back and wait while the phone doesn’t ring and then they feel like crap, blame the publication and vow never to do that again. But they do, just with a different publication.

The mistake is misunderstanding the purpose of advertising. By and large, it just doesn’t work unless its done with an emphasis on repetition, you are placed in front of the correct audience, and you have a attention-demanding ad. It’s really that simple.

So, let’s say Suzie Q’s bakery only has $500. They want to advertise, thinking that’s the thing to do. Miz Q has two clear choices. 1, she can try and figure it out herself and probably bomb, or 2, she can call her friendly neighborhood marketing company and ask for guidance on what to do with it and how. If she chooses path 2, she may not end up advertising afterall – that money may better be spent issuing coupons, creating an alliance, creating an event, or who knows what.

In essence, marketing is the parent of everything one does (or should, anyway) for activities regarding increasing cashflow to one’s business. Advertising, collateral, events, PR, etc are all things that go UNDER that principle and are directly influenced by the marketing diagram’s foundation.

Questions? Call me – I’m always delighted to educate people on how to evolve their marketing programs from expenses to investments.

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