What the CMS?

CMS = Content Management System.

Did you know that FrontPage is being phased out? Bad news for all the FP dependent, theoretically. The CMS solves that problem. There are a bunch of solutions out there; we use WordPress.

Imagine… being able to log into a nice tidy little web site and being able to manage your very own (completely custom) site, and having it be largely intuitive so you don’t have to learn a thing… sounds nice, doesn’t it? Good news – it’s not a dream, it’s reality. It’s what we build every day. It’s where the future of web sites is going. Blogs, RSS feeds, Calendars, etc – they’re all do-able with these fabulous tools. Once the pros build the tools (us), the amateurs (you) can easily maintain the site from your back yard if you wanted to, in a way that will ensure that you can’t make a mistake.

Some of the finer points/advantages of CMSs include….

  • Ideal for multiple authors/contributors
  • Can run in tandem or as part of a blog
  • You can control who can edit/contribute
  • Bypasses the need for programming language knowledge
  • Faster publish time
  • Purer code and classification for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes)
  • Can facilitate better content security on networks
  • Perfect for an abundance of content/pages
  • No checking in/checking out

Not a bad thing to consider as you move forward in your marketing endeavors. Remember, with every day that passes, your web site becomes all that much more critical to the success of your business!

One last juicy tidbit: If you doubt the power of the CMS and question it’s limitations (none), just look at the Vision Advertising web site. It’s 100% WordPress and takes 1% of the time to maintain that it used to before we saw the light and switched.

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