Ever feel like your ad sales rep is pushing to sell you something that isn’t right for you?

Well, you’re not the only one. When you work with an agency, you have a different experience. Most often, the ad agency is paid by the media outlet, and NOT by you, the business owner. This means that when you buy your media through your agency, you typically do not have to pay for our expertise relative to the purchase on your behalf.

When there is a commission payable to the agency from the media purchase, often included are design and/or production costs. This means that if you’re placing an ad of any kind, be it billboard, radio, TV, or print, select agency services associated with making your campaign happen will be FREE.

Have you ever stopped to consider the following while talking with an ad rep from your local media resource: “Is this person selling me what’s right for my company or are they selling me what’s right for theirs?” If you haven’t, and you’re not working with an agency, make sure you ask yourself this question before you do anything; it can save you from a costly mistake.

Your agency should take an objective outsiders approach to your marketing and advertising. We do not “sell” things to you, rather, we collaborate with you to determine if they are right for you, your company, and your budget.

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