Creative Differentiation = Results in the Media

By David A. Greenwood, Director of Public Relations

When I was a volunteer for Special Olympics in Massachusetts years ago, I was asked to help publicize a donation a local company was making to the organization. We knew that most donations under $1,000 do not get much publicity. Instead of taking a photo of the executives passing a check to someone, I set up golfing lessons at a local driving range with some of the Special Olympics athletes and these executives.

I wrote my press release, set up the time for all to go to the driving range and began to call the local papers. After my calls, I sent them the press release as most of them did ask. The end result was three local newspapers covering the golf lesson. Why? Because the donation affected the lives of Special Olympics athletes, the event was different, we were prepared and we were creative.

The bottom line: Putting a little extra effort and thought behind your public relations initiatives will go a long way in raising the profile of your business.

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