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One of the most important services any marketing company can provide is education, and we strongly believe that this knowledge should be free and accessible to businesses of any size. With our Business Bootcamps, COO Julia Becker Collins, Catrina Gardner, and other Vision staff provide webinars covering the fundamentals of marketing and business strategy.

Each month on Facebook Live, we have a streaming workshop. Attending allows you to not only get the information soon as possible, but you can also leave questions to be answered in live Q&As and follow-up replies.

Also, make sure to check out our Bootcamp Archives! These companion blogs provide links to past videos as well as additional information and materials to complement the live streams.

Upcoming Bootcamps

Webinars for Your Business

Julia Becker Collins is an experienced facilitator & educator on topics ranging from executive leadership to how endurance athletics impact business. If you’re interested in booking her to provide a webinar for your employees or audience, visit our bookings page.

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